Vallila is one of the leading Finnish brands of contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories. Since the company was launched in 1935, Vallila Interior has been recognised as one of the trendsetters in Scandinavian design with its bold and playful collection, inspired by the Nordics landscape and the way of life.

Today Vallila has become an expert in Scandinavian interior design and textiles. Vallila invest in the development of Scandinavian design and art, via their own collection and through Vallila’s own in-house design team two new collections are launched each year.

Vallila’s fabrics and interior products reflect designers expertise in design, research and development. For consumers Vallila presents itself as a visual and interactive brand. Closely connected to urban lifestyle and current interior trends, Vallila is regularly featured in interior magazines, design blogs and all across the global media.

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